Healthcare Financing

Explore Your Healthcare and Medical Financing Options

Growing your practice requires tactical planning and smart financial tools. Atlas Capital Solutions has healthcare financing for debt consolidation, equipment and other essential needs.

Working Capital Loans

When your practice has cashflow challenges, our working capital loans can help. We can approve up to $75,000 with a simple application. And if you require more, just include complete financial statements and request up to $250,000. Your loan offers a few useful benefits:

  • Loan terms of up to 72 months
  • No upfront payments required
  • No reporting of loan to personal credit history
  • Funds for operations, expansion and more

Debt Consolidation Loans

Having many loans can complicate your practice’s finances. Why not combine them with a debt consolidation loan? You’ll pay one low monthly payment with a single interest rate.

Medical Equipment Financing

With our medical equipment financing, we make it easier to bring diagnostic and treatment tech into your practice. You can obtain a lease, a loan or both. We offer a wide range of payment options plus up to 50% soft cost coverage.

Practice Acquisition Financing

When you want to purchase another practice, our practice acquisition loans can help. We also provide financing for partner buyouts and mergers. Qualified individuals may get 100% financing.

Atlas Capital Solutions’s experienced financial specialists can answer your questions and help you apply for healthcare financing. Contact us now to get started.